2016-2017 SCHOOL YEAR

Thursday, August 4, 2016 – Bus Passes Mailed for Davies School & Hess School

Friday, August 12, 2016 – Bus Passes Mailed for Shaner School

Friday, August 19, 2016 – Cut Off Date for Bus Changes and New Registrations That Will Be Effective The First Day of School

Tuesday, September 6, 2016 – First Day Of School

Monday, September 12, 2016 – Effective Date Of Busing For Changes And New Registrations Received After August 19, 2016


The Hamilton Township School District is committed to providing safe and efficient school bus transportation to its students. The district has a long tradition of providing this service safely to all students who are eligible under New Jersey State laws, rules, and regulations. This policy outlines the services the school district provides and explains the district’s compliance with all applicable laws and rules pertaining to school bus transportation. The Hamilton Township School District does not operate its own buses but is a member of the Greater Egg Harbor Regional Transportation Consortium. The Consortium is responsible for determining the most efficient and economical way to transport our 3,300 Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 8 student population to the three District Schools as well as various special education locations and qualified nonpublic, Choice, and Charter schools.


Riding a bus to and from school in the Hamilton Township School District is a PRIVILEGE not a right.

All students must observe good conduct, courtesy, cooperation, and respect for the authority of the bus driver.


Many questions will be answered by clicking here and reviewing the Hamilton Township School District School Bus Transportation Handbook

Link to Hamilton Township School District Request for Transportation/Change in Transportation Form


Link to Hamilton Township School District School Bus Transportation Handbook

Link to Hamilton Township School District Bus Driver Manual


Requests for Alternate Bus Transportation (see Board Policy #8602)


A.       Students are permitted one pick up bus stop and one drop off bus stop. These stop locations may be different, but must remain the same every day of the week for at least three (3) consecutive months during the current school year. Requests for occasional, inconsistent days (i.e. every Tuesday and Thursday) or every other week will be denied.  Should a student require to be picked up or dropped off at a location other than their assigned stop, the transportation office must have on file a Request for Transportation Form that includes the address of the alternate location, if the location is for pick up only, drop off only, or both; and the form must be signed by a custodial parent or guardian.


B.       Transportation to a babysitter will be considered as long as the location is on an established route and stop. No new stop can be created for babysitting. Transportation will be provided to any licensed child care center located within Hamilton Township. School bus transportation will not be provided for a student to or from a business location other than licensed child care centers.


C.       When both parents have joint custody by court order, a special circumstance letter outlining the pick up and drop off locations (must be the same five days per week; no alternate days or weeks) along with a copy of the court order, must be submitted to the transportation office for review. Requests that do not include a copy of the court order or do not have a fixed five day per week schedule, cannot be accommodated.


D.       “As Needed” bus passes will not be issued.


E.        Students may only ride on the bus to which they are assigned and are not permitted to ride on any other bus that they have not been issued a bus pass for. In emergency situations, the school is permitted to issue a temporary bus pass for one day. Please contact the school to inquire about that school’s procedure for approving and issuing temporary bus passes.


F.        Should a situation occur that requires a change to the existing transportation requirements of a student, a new Request for Transportation Form will have to be submitted to the transportation office. It typically takes 3 school days from the time the Request for Transportation Form is received in the transportation office for the change to become effective. The student will receive a revised bus pass from their school the day before the change becomes effective.


Late/No Show Buses: The Hamilton Township School District Transportation Office is not in direct contact with the school buses. Should you have a question about a bus that is running late or did not arrive at your stop, please contact Sheppard Bus Service at 856-765-3812, extension 406 or 405.

New Students & Change of Address

A. All new students and changes of address are processed through the Registration Office located at Shaner School. Once all required documentation is submitted to the Registration Office, the registrar will forward the necessary information to Transportation.


B.       The Transportation Department cannot enter or edit information as recorded in the District Student Data system, nor can we act as intermediary between parents and the Registration Office regarding address changes.

Lost & Found: Neither the bus company nor Hamilton Township Schools maintain a lost and found for items left on a bus. Bus drivers have been directed to keep any found items with them in the front of the bus. If a student feels that they have left something on the bus, they should immediately ask their bus driver if it was found. After a reasonable time and the driver has attempted to find the owner of the lost item, but no one has claimed the item, it will be disposed of. It is the responsibility of the student or the parents to contact the driver regarding lost items.



Hamilton Township School District Transportation Contact Information


 Transportation Office                                          Sheppard Bus Service


 Telephone: 609-476-6318                                      Telephone: 856-765-3812

 Fax:            609-625-4847                                      Extension: 406 or 405



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