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6th Grade Social Studies                                


  Ancient Civilizations:   This course is geared to helping you understand how individuals lived thousands of years ago! You will study ancient civilizations including prehistoric man, civilizations of the fertile crescent, Indus Valley, Egypt, Greece, Rome and China. Comparisons will also be made as to how culture today has evolved from past cultures as well as understanding significant contributions given to our society by ancient civilizations.

Davies Grading Policy:

80% Assessments- - includes tests, quizzes & project activities

10% Participation

10% Homework







  Period   1-2 Period   5-6 Period 8-9




http://quizlet.com/_t1q8n                     Map Skills/G.R.A.P.E.S.


http://quizlet.com/_afjjk                         Early Humankind Vocabulary
https://quizlet.com/_as27d                    Ancient Mesopotamia    

https://quizlet.com/_b1ngb                   Ancient Egypt
https://quizlet.com/_15ea6d                 Ancient Greece vocabulary
http://quizlet.com/_nsdks                     Ancient Romans

Online Textbook


Username: hhamilton22        password:  password




Ancient Egypt

Virtual Tour of Pyramids and Temples

Egyptian Empire Basic                                                                                                                         Importance of the Nile River                                                    Timeline of Rulers

Egyptian gods and goddesses                                                                                                            Mummification process                                                               Rosetta Stone 2

Mummy Maker


Nova 3D interactive pyramid and Great Sphinx




Mummification Process sites






Map Skills Practice Sites

Continents Location     Click on World Map Puzzles


Prehistoric Humans

Ancient Tools & Prehistoric Human

Radio Carbon Dating:   http://www.kidspast.com/world-history/0004-radiocarbon-dating.php

Archaeology for Kids     

Games #1           Games #2

Early Humans by Mr. Donn

Agricultural Revolution


Ancient Rome


 Families in Ancient Roman times                           

 Ancient Roman buildings                                      

The Roman Republic                                                                                                                        Ancient Roman Gods

Schools in Ancient Rome

Types of clothes worn by Romans

Ancient Rome interactive sites

"You wouldn't want to be a Roman Gladiator"



Dress a Roman Solider


Rule the roman Empire



Ancient Greece

Greek Mythology and Legends

Mythweb                           The 12 labors of Hercules                              Mythmachine: Generate & write your own myth

Starfall: Listen to your favorite Greek myth                                               Proper Mythweb site                                        http://www.historyforkids.org/learn/greeks/religion/greekrelig.htm

Another site on the 12 labors of Hercules                                               

Greek Myths site     provides many different examples


Learn about Ancient Greece

Geography of Ancient Greece                         Primary History of Ancient Greece                          City-state of Athens

Excellent site on ATHENS                             Excellent site on SPARTA                                      The Ancient Greek Olympic Games

The British Museum --Ancient Greece

Geography of Ancient Greece

Additional Activities

Make and decorate an Ancient Greek Vase                                    Ancient Arcade/ Matching Greek gods & goddesses

Myth games, stories and a Greek's who's who guide

Myth games, can you name the Greek god or goddess?



Ancient Mesopotamia

Sumerian Achievements PowerPoint        Sumerian inventions 101

Map of Ancient Mesopotamia

The Fertile Crescent

Cuneiform Numbers

Code of Hammurabi


British Museum Ancient Mesopotamia

Gods and Goddesses in Ancient Mesopotamia

Trade and Transportation game

Early Astronomers

A Tale of 3 Merchants

The Royal Game of Ur

Write your name in Cuneiform!

Flooding of the Rivers

Collapse of ancient Mesopotamia


Expert Space Login:  Used to reinforce concepts taught in class

























     Classroom Requirements

1. Show respect to everyone

2. Arrive on time

3. If you are absent, please check missed class activities folders for assignments the NEXT DAY YOU ARE IN SCHOOL

4. All homework must be written down in student agenda books.

5. All students must have a 3 ring binder or study folder to hold class assignments, preferably with 3 rings/pockets. Students should also have a supply of paper and sharpened pencils or blue/black pens, and provided student netbook.

Contact Information

              Please contact me with any questions or concerns at voelkerj@hamiltonschools. My extension at school is 1093 if you would like to call after school hours.  Email is best to contact me quickly, as I check my email often and also at the end of the day. 

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