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Ten Marks Math Challenge
Stock Market Game   


Overview of Curriculum:  Throughout the year, students will study statistics; place value; addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers, fractions, and decimals; fact review; problem solving strategies; algebra concepts; ratio, proportion, & percents; integers.   

School supplies:  Notebook and Pencil (Optional: dry erase marker, crayons/colored pencils)

Please note:  There is no need to purchase a calculator unless you want one for home use.  A calculator will be provided for classroom use.

Weekly Family Math Activity (and Extra Credit Points): Decimal Dots and Decimal Dance   (reviews decimal place value and ordering) December Folder Due by Monday, December 22nd!


Periods 1-2:  Students are currently studying multiplying and dividing decimals - Chapter 3.

Periods 6-7: Students are currently working on finding dimensions of plane figures and prisms; calculating surface area and volume---  Chapter 7 in green book.

Periods 8-9:  Students are currently studying multiplying and dividing decimals - Chapter 3.















Study for Test on Dividing Decimals Sections 3.4 through 3.5
Coordinate Grid Due!

Test on Dividing Decimals Sections 3.4 through 3.5
POW Due!

Weekly Review Due!

Next Week:

Family Math Game Folder due on Monday!

Snowman Grid due on Tuesday



Cereal Box Project
Coordinate Grid Due POW Due!

Weekly Review Due!

Next Week:

Family Math Game Folder due on Monday!

Snowman Grid due on Tuesday


8 - 9

Study for Test on Dividing Decimals Sections 3.4 through 3.5 Coordinate Grid Due

Test on Dividing Decimals Sections 3.4 through 3.5
POW Due!

Weekly Review Due!

Next Week:

Family Math Game Folder due on Monday!

Snowman Grid due on Tuesday

This week's POW:  POW Due Wed., December 17th: 

You are buying fruit to make fruit baskets. Apples come in bags of 20. Oranges come in bags of 16, and bananas come in bags of 32.
1. You have one bag of each fruit. Each fruit basket must be identical.
a. What is the greatest number of fruit baskets that you can make using all of the fruit?
b. How many of each type of fruit are in each fruit basket in part (a)?
2. You decide that not only must the fruit baskets be identical, but each one must have the same numbers of apples, oranges, and bananas.
a. What is the least number of bags of each fruit you need to have the same number of apples, oranges, and bananas?
b. How many of each type of fruit do you have?
c. There must be at least 5 but no more than 10 of each type of fruit in each basket. How many different ways can you arrange the fruit baskets when using all of the fruit? Explain your reasoning.

POW Due Wed., December 10th:  A school band has 75 members. The band enters a band competition at a rival school.

    1.  There is a $200 entrance fee for each band plus a $25 entrance fee for each drill team. The competition has a total of 32 bands and 25 drill teams. Write and evaluate an expression for the total amount of money collected from entrance fees.

    2.  For the competition, each band member needs $12 for food. To get to the competition, the school rents 3 buses that cost $580 each. Write and evaluate an expression for these costs.

    3.  The food and bus costs will be split evenly among the band members. Write and evaluate an expression for the total cost per band member.

Write and evaluate an expression to find the number of band members in each formation.

    4.  One part of the formation has eight rows with five band members per row. The other part has four rows with seven members in each row.

    5.  One part of the formation has three rows with thirteen band members per row. The other part has six rows with six members in each row.

    6.  One part of the formation has seven rows with seven band members per row. Another part of the formation has four rows with four members in each row. The last part has three rows with three members in each row.


No POW Due Wed., December 3rd:    

Due Wed., November 26th:  The school has raised $1,200.00 over the last 2 years at the Spring Fling.  This year the school raised $200.00 more than last year.  How much money did the school raise last year?

Due Wed., November 19th:  Jackson lent his friend one-half of his CD collection.  Of those, 3/5 were missing covers.  Jackson has 50 CDs.  How many were missing covers?

NO POW Due Wed., November 12th:

Due Wed., November 5th:   The sum of Mary’s age and her Mother’s age is 36. Mary’s mother is 5 times older than Mary. How old is each person?

Due Wed., October 29th:   At a traffic checkpoint, environmental safety officers checked every 18th car for excess carbon monoxide and every 15th car for a damaged exhaust system.  If the first car at the checkpoint is car one, what will be the number of the car checked for both problems?

Due Wed., October 22nd:  Movie tickets cost $10 for adults and $6 for children. 

A.  Write an algebraic expression for the total cost of movie tickets for a group of children and adults.  Use the variables a for the number of adults and the variable c for the number of children.   

B.  Evaluate the expression to find the total cost of 3 adults and 5 children.

Due Wed., October 15th:  One weekend, Allan worked a total of 17 hours helping his uncle paint his cabin.  They worked three hours more on Saturday than they worked on Sunday.  How many hours did they work each day?

Due Wed., October 8th: A package of plastic forks contains 8 forks.  A package of plastic spoons contains 12 spoons.  What is the fewest number of packages you would have to buy of each, to have exactly the same number of forks as spoons?

Due Wed., October 1st: Mrs. Miles has 8 coins that total $.74.  Will she be able to use the exact change lane at a toll booth that requires $.30?  Explain.

Due Wed., Sept. 24th:  At Mom’s Restaurant, a customer gets a free lunch after paying for 6.  Caroline ate lunch at Mom’s 50 times last year.  How many of those lunches were free?


Books:  Big Ideas  -----Remember to Choose "Common Core" from the pull-down menu!

                                  Periods  1-2 and 8-9     

Text: Big Ideas - Green Book  - 6th Grade Remember to Choose "Common Core" from the pull-down menu!

                            Student Link: http://www.bigideasmath.com/students/?level=7.00

Parent Link:  http://www.bigideasmath.com/parents/

Periods  6-7

Text: Big Ideas - Remember to Choose "Common Core" from the pull-down menu!

Green Book  - 6th Grade

                            Student Link: http://www.bigideasmath.com/students/?level=7.00

Parent Link:  http://www.bigideasmath.com/parents/

Red Book - 7th Grade Remember to Choose "Common Core" from the pull-down menu!

                                                           Student  Link:  http://www.bigideasmath.com/students/?level=8.50

                        Parent Link:  http://www.bigideasmath.com/parents/

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