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Welcome to 6th grade!

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Ten Marks Math Challenge
Stock Market Game   


Overview of Curriculum:  Throughout the year, students will study statistics; place value; addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers, fractions, and decimals; fact review; problem solving strategies; algebra concepts; ratio, proportion, & percents; integers.   

School supplies:  Notebook and Pencil (Optional: dry erase marker, crayons/colored pencils)

Please note:  There is no need to purchase a calculator unless you want one for home use.  A calculator will be provided for classroom use.

Weekly Family Math Activity (and Extra Credit Points): Double or Nothing!   April Folder Due Date is Wednesday, April 30th!


Periods 1-2:  Students are currently studying Equations, Plane Figures, and Finding Dimensions of Prisms - Chapter 7

Periods 6-7: Students are currently studying ratios, rates, proportions, converting between systems, and direct and indirect variation - Chapter  3

Periods 8-9:  Students are currently studying Equations, Plane Figures, and Finding Dimensions of Prisms - Chapter 7















  Worksheet 7.5A - Left Side!  
POW Due!

Worksheet 7.5
- Pick any 5


Weekly Review Due!

Tenmarks Assignment and WFMA Due April 30th!



 POW Due!

Journal Page 58

Weekly Review Due!

Tenmarks Assignment and WFMA Due April 30th!


8 - 9

Worksheet 7.5A - Left Side!

POW Due!

Worksheet 7.5 - Pick any 5

Weekly Review Due!

Tenmarks Assignment and WFMA Due April 30th!

This week's POW:  Due April 30th:

Twenty-five people are surveyed for a game show and asked the question “At what age did you get your first job?” The responses are shown in the box-and-whisker plot.

TA: R:\msga6wb01.01\Art\Gr 6 Performance Task Ancillary\SP\msga6_pt_sp_003.eps,2/22/2012 10:05:06 AM



    1.  What portion of the responses represent an age of at least 17 years old?

    2.  Can you determine the range of the data? If so, find it.

    3.  Can you determine which response is most frequent? If so, find it.

    4.  One of the line plots below represents the same set of data as the
box-and-whisker plot.

TA: R:\msga6wb01.01\Art\Gr 6 Performance Task Ancillary\SP\msga6_pt_sp_004.eps,2/22/2012 9:55:59 AM        





TA: R:\msga6wb01.01\Art\Gr 6 Performance Task Ancillary\SP\msga6_pt_sp_005.eps,2/22/2012 9:57:44 AM





         a.   Which line plot represents the data? Explain.

         b.   Contestants answer the question and receive a point for each person in the survey that gave the same answer. What answer is worth the most points? Explain your reasoning.


 Due  April 23rd:

Due  April 16th:

Fitness First Health Club has an annual membership fee of $259.99 which covers all the club’s services except the use of the racquetball courts.  Using the racquetball courts is an extra fee of $3.75 each time.

Part A:  Write an expression to represent the yearly cost for using the club with an unknown amount of racquetball court usage: 

Part B:  One of the members, Derek, spent $436.24 on membership and fees last year.  How many times did he use the racquetball courts?  Write and solve an equation:

Derek used the racquetball court ___________ times.


Due  April 9th:

The table shows the production results for three factories.



Factory A

10,000 cars and 2500 trucks manufactured in 10 months.

Factory B

6000 cars and 1200 trucks manufactured in 9 months.

Factory C

9000 cars and 1800 trucks manufactured in 8 months.






    1.  Write a unit rate that represents the total vehicle production at each factory.

    2.  Which factory has the fastest rate of production?

    3.  How many vehicles are manufactured at each factory in one year? How
many more vehicles does Factory C produce than Factory A in one year?

    4.  Suppose Factory A manufactures 500 more cars in their 10-month time
period. How many more trucks would Factory A need to manufacture in
those 10 months to equal the rate of total vehicle production at Factory C?


Due  April 2nd:  Rafael was shopping for sweatshirts that cost $20.00 each.

          How many sweatshirts can Rafael buy with $150.00? Show or explain your work.

While Rafael was shopping, a special sale was announced.  For twenty minutes, the price of everything in the store was reduced by 20 percent.  He wanted to buy a pair of jeans that were originally priced at $40.00.

          How much did the jeans cost during the sale? Show or explain your work. 

          After the twenty-minute special sale, the prices were adjusted by increasing the sale price by 20 percent.  What was the price of the jeans then? Show and explain your work.

Due  March 26th: Marisa bought three sweaters on sale for the same price.  After using a coupon for $25, the total cost was $80.

Write an algebraic equation to represent the situation:

How much did each sweater cost?  Show your work and explain your thinking:


 Due  March 19th: Marcia is getting ready to plant a flower garden.  She wants to design a garden that will provide the greatest area.  These are her choices:

        A circular garden with a radius of 8 feet.

        A rectangular garden with a length of 28 feet and a width of 7 feet.


1.    Draw a diagram of each of these designs and label the dimensions.

2.    Calculate the area of each design.  Which garden should Marcia plant?  Show your work and label the answers accurately.

3.    If the materials needed cost $1.25 per square foot, how much will it cost to build the garden?


Due  March 12th:  Mrs. Ganza is planning to build a new rectangular brick patio. She plans on using bricks that are 1 foot wide by 2 feet long. She would like the new patio to be 12 feet by 14 feet. She expects that no bricks will need to be cut. 

Part A

Mrs. Ganza uses only whole 1-foot-by-2-foot bricks. State how many bricks should be used. Show or explain your work.

 Part B

Determine the total area and the perimeter of the new patio. Show or explain your work.



Due  March 5th: At a traffic checkpoint, environmental safety officers checked every 18th car for excess carbon monoxide and every 15th car for a damaged exhaust system.  If the first car at the checkpoint is car one, what will be the number of the car checked for both problems?


Due  Feb. 26th:   Angela is planting flowers down the side of her house.  She can plant 3 flowers every 2 minutes.  If she continues to plant the flowers at the same rate, how many flowers will she plant in 30 minutes?

 Due  Feb. 19th:

The table shows the portions of time you spent on several activities during a day at an amusement park.


Portion of your time

Going on rides


Waiting in line for rides


Playing games


Swimming in wave pool










    1.  How many times more is the portion of time spent going on rides than the portion of time spent playing games? Justify your answer.

    2.  How many times more is the portion of time spent waiting in line for rides than the portion of time going on rides? Justify your answer.

    3.  The portion of time spent swimming in the wave pool is two times more than the portion of time spent having lunch. What portion of your time at the amusement park was spent having lunch?

            4.         If “having lunch” is the only other activity not listed in the table, what other method could you have used to find the answer in Exercise 3?


Due  Feb. 12th: Jan brought eight 2-liter bottles of juice to the class party. At the end of the party, one bottle was full, a second bottle contained 0.5 liters of juice, and a third bottle was 3/5 full. The other 5 bottles were empty. How much juice did the students drink during the class party?


Due  Feb. 5th:  John’s grades in Math are 86, 93, 75, 81, and 75.  Which number would John prefer to have as a grade: the range, mean, median, or mode? Explain.

Due  Jan. 29th:  The range of a baseball team’s scores for 4 games is 9.  The scores for three games are 5, 3, and 8. What is the score for the 4th game? 



Books:  Big Ideas

                                  Periods  1-2 and 8-9     

Text: Big Ideas - Green Book  - 6th Grade

                            Student Link: http://www.bigideasmath.com/students/?level=7.00

Parent Link:  http://www.bigideasmath.com/parents/

Periods  6-7

Text: Big Ideas -

Green Book  - 6th Grade

                            Student Link: http://www.bigideasmath.com/students/?level=7.00

Parent Link:  http://www.bigideasmath.com/parents/

Red Book - 7th Grade

                                                           Student  Link:  http://www.bigideasmath.com/students/?level=8.50

                        Parent Link:  http://www.bigideasmath.com/parents/

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