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Mrs. Amy Carter  & Mrs. Margi Siscone


7th and 8th Grade 

English Language Arts

READ 180


Overview of Curriculum

READ 180 is a research-based program with proven results in raising student reading acheivement.READ 180 uses cutting-edge technology to deliver individualized reading instruction, provide valuable skills practice, and motivate students to become confident readers.

In our READ 180 class, we will work along with your child to:

Your child will need to work hard and will need your encouragement. Support reading at home by visiting the library, setting aside reading time, and discussing the books your child reads.

Materials Needed

~Summer Reading Assignments~

For incoming 8th graders:

1. Complete the assigned Summer Reading books       and related work. Due September 9th. Worth 50 participation points.

 2. Use the Learning Ally Audio App to listen to books from the Recommended Reading List that was sent home


For outgoing 8th graders:

1. Use the Learning Ally Audio App to listen to books from the Recommended Reading List that was sent home




Kid President Messages to promote positive thoughts

and increased motivation:

Week 1: "You were made to be awesome. Keep going!" Students were asked to do something that made them feel awesome about themselves. Examples included doing something nice for someone else, doing well on tests, baking/cooking for someone...

Week 2: "Ya got air comin' through ya nose, ya got a heartbeat. That means it's time to DO something." Students were asked to do something active. Examples included riding bikes, playing a sport, folding laundry....

Week 3: "Doing nothing is a great way to change nothing." Students will write about a time they changed the way they did something and saw positive results. Examples included studying harder for Social Studies, practicing more for basketball, keeping up with HW...

Week 4: "Give people high-fives just for getting out of bed. BEING A PERSON IS HARD SOMETIMES." Students will provide encouragement to friends or family if they are having a tough time or a bad day. It can be a high-five, kind words, help with a task. Examples included cheering on a friend during gym class, offering food to a friend who was hungry, buying a gift for a mom at the Book Fair to show that she was appreciated....

Week 5: "Life is tough, but so are you." Students will write about a time where they stuggled with something and how they overcame that struggle....Examples included losing a parent or loved one, coming back from an injury, trying to keep grades up...

Week 6: "If you don't have anything nice to say, you're not trying hard enough." Students will write about a time they may have said something unkind, and how can they/will let fix it.

 Week 7: "We need to live in a world with fewer selfies and more #otherpeoplies." Students will take a picture of someone or something that they care about and email it to me. Pics that I have received are of parents, siblings, friends and pets

Week 8: "You can't be sad when you're holding a cupcake." As a reward and treat for doing a good job these last 8 weeks with the quotes, students will each get a cupcake. But, in the spirit of giving, they will receive a 2nd cupcake to give to someone else.


The students spent some time reflecting back on this activity and had some input in where it should go from here. Stay tuned to see what's been decided on in the NEW YEAR!



7th Grade
PERIOD 3/4 and 8/9
8th Grade












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E-mail: cartera@hamiltonschools.org

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