Technology in the Hamilton Township School District should be viewed as critical to school reform because of its capacity to support improvement in the educational process through 21st Century Learning Environments. The New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards has uniquely positioned technology within all standards to transform learning, to foster critical thinking, creativity, and innovation, and to prepare students to thrive in the global economy.

As engaged digital learners, students are able to acquire and apply content knowledge and skills through active exploration, interaction, and collaboration with others across the globe.

This is accomplished in 21st century learning environments through the systematic and transparent integration of technology across the curriculum and in the teaching and learning process. In this kind of environment, students are engaged in meaningful and relevant authentic tasks using the appropriate technological tools. They routinely access the web to identify, research, and solve real world problems in collaboration with peers and others across state and national borders.

Professional development programs must be provided to continually upgrade the technological skills of teachers, parents and community members. The technological system and professional development must be related and supportive of the educational goals and objectives that are established by the school district. We will continue to assess our teacher and student levels of proficiency and make necessary evolutionary changes to deliver methodology.

We will continue to plan and develop the best network possible to be in alignment with today’s standards and tomorrow’s technologies.


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